Volume 7

Darren Shan Manga Volume 7 : Hunters Of The Dusk

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Setting out from Vampire Mountain, Darren embarks on a mission as part of an elite quartet sent to find the Vampanese Lord. Along their journey, though, they are imparted an ominous prophecy : "...If you have face the Vampenese Lord four times and fail to kill him, only one of you will live to witness the fall of the vampire clan."


  1. can't wait to read this :3. in the book im only in book 4. it looks like darren has grown older. 0_o.

  2. Me too. Please work faster.

  3. Agree! You guys should give me the book... haha
    Im excited on what will happen on the start of the vampire wars series...

    Anyways, goodluck to you guys and keep on informing

  4. Thank you so much for taking time to scan and share with us!! XD

  5. argh chapter 62 done...can't wait ...too much suspence!