Volume 5

Darren Shan Manga Volume 5 : Trials Of Death

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In agreeing to undergo the Trials of Initiation in order to restore Mr. Crepsley's honor, Darren may have bitten off more than a half-vampire can chew. Each trial is taxing than the last, and despite his resolve, Darren simply may not be up to the task! In the depths of Vampire Mountain, though, a threat even deadlier than the Trials is stirring...


  1. Hi, great job with the scanlations! I read all 12 books and i loved them, and the manga is a great adaptation, staying very true to the books.

    Just one question, whats the timeframe between releases? It's one chapter a week? One volume every month?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hello Erik, thanks for viewing this site!
    Well for the timeframe between releases it is not set, but most probably one chapter a week that if I have the volume of that book. Eg: I have volume 5 now, I'll scan it every week one chapter. After finish scanning volume 5, we'll have to wait for volume 6 to release, then when I get hold of it, I'll scan it every week one chapter, but it is not set. Thanks for commenting, hope this helps!
    -Max (Admin)

  3. Thanks for the answer! Now i can ease the anticipation a little.

    Would be cool if they made a manga adaptation of the Demonata books too.

    Thanks again.

  4. Max, I love you for putting up these scans, thank you for all the hard work. <3

    I do have one question though, would you ever consider putting up the volume 5 scans on another manga site aside from this one ?

    I know that the people who read the Darren Shan scans on mangafox have been waiting for volume 5 for quite awhile. Alas though, no one has been either translating or putting up the scans.
    Also it is against the forum rules for me to link them to other scans sites such as this one though I have wanted to. :<

    Thanks again for putting all this work into scanning everything for us ! :>

    Stay groovy. <3

  5. I just recently discovered your group^^
    Thank you so much for scanning this series!! It's great to be able to read beyond Volume 2!

  6. thank for your job, I'd like to contact Max Scans to ask them the permission to use their scanlations of Darren Shan for my Xcomicvn team. where can I send my e-mail?

  7. I'm the admin for Max Scans, yes you may use it. My email is darrenshanmanga@gmail.com

  8. You're the best thing that happened to Darren Shan's manga adaptation since when it was postponed back in 2008. You revived the reason why I love this manga to begins with. :) Thanks!

  9. omg thanks for the update!! i was beginning to think u mite have abandoned this but so glad u havent!!

  10. wow afther that i can't wait to see the next chapters !

  11. Thanks for the scans man.

    Can't wait till The Vampire Prince.

  12. Yes... Really great Scans... But when will be TVP!?

  13. Hi
    Thanks for scanlating the manga. I'm wondering when will book 6 will be available? We have been waiting for it since June and You said it will come in July but it August now. I hope you'll continue scanlating the manga because I'm sure every Darren fan want to read it soon.
    Anyway, thanks for you hard work

  14. it's not working right now, what happened?

    it said the file size is 0 bites